Choosing a right place to further one’s knowledge and understanding in this diverse economy is a daunting experience. MCA prides itself as an institution that has endeavoured to maintain high quality delivery in every sector it is operating in :

Studying at MCA

There are many universities both public and private in Malawi including a number of private colleges; but MCA retains a place in the professional training as well as now in the academic landscape of Malawi in the hearts of those who studied at MCA, are studying now and will possibly study in future.
The college offers the learners with an opportunity to study in an environment that has been created purely for learning.


All the lecturers at MCA are experts in their fields of study and provide tailored training to students depending on their understanding of the student’s progress in academic as well as professional work.

Career Opportunities

MCA graduates are valued by employers for their communication, leadership and probem-solving skills. With a network of prospective employers who are continuously looking for fresh graduates, students who have passed through the corridors of MCA are guaranteed to find employment as well as venture into their own enterprises.

Life at MCA

The various campuses of MCA i.e. Blantyre and Lilongwe with Mzuzu at some point later; will provide a life that will be conducive not only for learning but also provide a social life that will provide both academic and social cohesion.

After MCA

Due to the nature of the programmes on offer at MCA, we are sure that you will get employment when you leave MCA.