The Consultancy Division is an extension of MCA’s core business which is offering Academic and Professional Qualifications.
MCA-Consultancy Division concentrates on the provision of Short Courses in the areas of Accountancy & Finance, Information Technology and Marketing, Communication & Management.
The Consultancy Division also conducts Consultancies in areas such as Tax Training & Compliance Audit as well as Accounting Packages e.g. as well as Training.
Within the Consultancies, MCA bases its approach on the Harvard Model of Business Development which combines theory and practice.
Due to the competencies available at MCA, we are also able to offer Research Services in the areas of Taxation, Business Development, Market Research and Management Science.
The Training can take place at any of our prestigious premises which are equipped with latest hardware as well software in plush settings to ensure that your learning experiences is comfortable and hustle-free.
The Short Courses can also be conducted at the clients’ premises.