The opening dates for degree programs second semester is 22nd January for Full-time and evening students, 20th January for weekend students.These dates also applies to all generic students.

the fees for degree programs is MWK 385,000.00 per semester.

At Malawi College of Accountancy, a year starts in July and ends in the month of June of the following year.In this regard, first semester commencement is in July that year and ends in December of the same year.Second semester resumes in January the following year and ends towards the end of June of that year.

malawi college of Accountancy has three campuses in Blantyre Lilongwe and Mzuzu.The Blantyre Campus is located at Ginnery Corner, behind Malawi College of Health Sciences, and between The Polytechnic and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Malawi College of Accountancy Lilongwe (MCA) Lilongwe Campus,is located in area 10, opposite pacific mall. Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA) Mzuzu Campus, is located in the center of town in the AHL Building opposite Puma Filling Station.

The main location for getting in touch with Malawi College of Accountancy is the college website www.mca.ac.mw. Additionally, interested prospective students/parties can contact the Registrar at registrar@mca.ac.mw. The college can also be contacted via telephone at +265 1 871 411 or emailing at mcabt@mca.ac.mw or instead use our online-chat on our website, where you can have alive chat with our staff or else if the chat is offline, you can leave your details and our staff will be able to come back to you and contact you back at alater time via your phone or email provided.

Accommodation for our students is only offered at Blantyre campus.Blantyre campus hostels have a ground and upper floor complex with a total of 68 rooms housing 2 students in each. Females are accommodated in the upper floor while male students are allocated rooms in the ground floor.

Due to limited space, students are required to make bookings in advance and thereafter they are informed if their booking are successful or not

To make inquiries for space at the hostels, you can contact the hostel warden on 0888226653 or email him @ epascas@mca.ac.mw

The hostel fee is currently at MK200, 000.00 per student covering one semester.However, this does not include meals.