Message from the Principal

The PrincipalWelcome to the MCA website. We are excited about launching our redesigned website, which, over the next months, should have taken a different dimension, as we continue to grow it and add more sections, based on our assessment of what would add value to readers, and also in response to readers’ comments and feedback.
Malawi College of Accountancy is also undergoing transformation, as we move towards our goal of becoming a leading provider of professional training and business qualifications, in Malawi and the region.
We have just launched our ambitious strategic plan, which will guide us on this process. The plan was arrived at after detailed consultation and soul searching, and involved all key stakeholders, including our board, government departments, the private sector, and of course, staff and students. The end result is a document which everyone who has an interest in the success of the institution should be proud of.
When I joined the college in May, 2014, I was immediately daunted by the task at hand. But over the last few months, this feeling has changed to one of excitement. I am excited to be part of the process that will be taking the college through tremendous change, and the impact this will have, firstly, on our students, but most importantly, to the contribution of expertise to the work place which our country so much needs in order to fulfill its development ambitions.
The range of professional courses and degree programmes we are offering all play an important role in supplying the labour market with the much needed financial and business management expertise.
Working on the accreditation process has added so much value to our processes and our quest for quality assurance in all our operations.
Over the last few months, the college has carried out a number of staff development workshops, at which we have exposed our staff to a number of key changes in the way we will be doing business. In addition, some staff has attended external workshops, locally and regionally, to enhance our skills base, specifically for the higher education sector, to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to improve on the design and delivery of both professional and academic courses.
The final result is to ensure that we deliver programmes which address specific and current needs which the market will make use of almost immediately. That is one area we have identified that will distinguish our qualifications – relevance.
I would like to invite you to visit the other sections of our website, so that you know more about Malawi College of Accountancy. I trust that you will find what you are looking for, and maybe, you may even come across some things which you were not expecting but turn out to be of great value.
Enjoy going through the MCA website.

Agrippah Phiri

College Principal