Governance is provided for within MCA structure and Policy
MCA is established by a Government order under the Education Act. The order provides that the College shall have a board of directors chaired by an independent person. As provided by the order, the board comprises officials from three related Government Ministries (Education, Finance and Department of Statutory Corporations), Malawi Accountants Board, Employers consultative association of Malawi, the University of Malawi and 3 independent persons. This composition ensures that key stakeholders and an element of independence are taken into account. The board makes policy and ensures implementation through reports it receives and resolutions it makes. The board works through three subcommittees namely the Finance and Audit, Appointments and remuneration and the Education committees.
The College has a management team headed by the Principal. In its operations, the College has key committees and fora for policy implementation, operations, communication and gathering of views. Key committees and fora are as follows:

Committee / Forum Function Chair
Academic Council Academic issues are discussed and The principal
Academic standards which now falls into Admissions committee, Assessment committee, appeals committee Its role is to set standards, vet student applications and recommend for admission to programmes, vet exams and made arrangements for exam administration, Scrutinise results and make reports and recommendations to the management, go through appeals and recommend solutions and action to management Deputy Principal/overall coordinator
Employees committee For employees issues. The committee leadership acts as a voice for the employees Elected chairperson
Students Union For students affairs. Issues discussed are channelled to Management. Elected student chairperson